Training goals are increasingly taking on new significance as global competition and cost of compliance with government regulation are forcing oil & gas companies to streamline. In this type of environment, remaining employees are often expected to take on additional responsibilities. Through on-going training programs, the professionals can be brought up to speed more quickly and be provided with the information and skills they need to function. Benefits that can be realized from an emphasis on training are highlighted below:

  • Improve Safety Standards And Reduce Liability;
  • Improve Productivity And Quality;
  • Promote Competitiveness ;
  • Ensure Environmental Compliance;
  • Equip Individuals To Assume More Responsible Roles.

The experience in INSTRUMENTATION field, enable me to be a valid support to your management.

Instrument Training is a solution to your problems.

I pride myself on having the ability to work with everyone from the shop floor to the high school.

My program will enable the trainees to learn more and graduates to qualify for entry-level positions if they are:

- Seeking higher wage jobs in a oil and gas company;

- Engineering oriented;

- Mechanically and mathematically inclined;

- Machining experience ranging from very little (if any) to many years of  experience;                              

- Desiring to learn a skill in a highly technological field without spending years in a traditional school;

- Having little or no oil/gas experience, but are eager to acquire the knowledge and skills.

 Look over my courses outlines and descriptions.  Any or all of these courses can be taught on your site.  You need something more specific? No Problem.....  I can tailor a course specifically to your needs. 

 The training may cover just one or a combination of courses from the following titles:


 Course #                     C o u r s e   T i t l e                                                       Lecture Hours    Lab Hours
  • Flow;     
  • Level;        
  • Pressure;           
  • Temperature.
  • Basics of PFD & PID.
 Contact me for more information.     

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